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    A secure and scalable CRM at the heart of your enterprise

    Enterprise organizations have to manage large volumes of customer data, coordinate and execute complex business processes, maintain impeccable security standards, and comply with local and international regulations.

    Omni CRM enables enterprise organizations to unify their business data across departments and deliver a more compelling customer experience. With our robust backend infrastructure, rich feature set, and enterprise-grade data security processes, we’ve empowered highly complex, large-scale businesses to operate seamlessly and securely across the globe.


    Converse in real time with customers and prospects. Get notified when someone interacts with your brand—whether they’re browsing your website, reading an email, or talking about your brand on social media.

    Handle email communication completely inside CRM. Send emails, associate emails to CRM records, and get email insights.

    Connect your telephony provider to make calls from within our CRM. Schedule calls, get reminders, and save call logs from every interaction.

    Monitor what people are saying about your brand online, and automatically capture new leads from social media that aren’t in your CRM.

    Customer portals
    Facilitate prospects with a self-service portal where they can view your products and make purchasing decisions.


    Converse in real time with customers and prospects. Get notified when someone interacts with your brand—whether they’re browsing your website, reading an email, or talking about your brand on social media.

    Handle email communication completely inside CRM. Send emails, associate emails to CRM records, and get email insights.

    Connect your telephony provider to make calls from within our CRM. Schedule calls, get reminders, and save call logs from every interaction.

    Monitor what people are saying about your brand online, and automatically capture new leads from social media that aren’t in your CRM.

    Customer portals
    Facilitate prospects with a self-service portal where they can view your products and make purchasing decisions.

    Sales Force Automation

    Automate routine sales, marketing, and support functions that take up valuable work time, giving you more time to concentrate on your customers. Create optimized workflows that help you reduce manual data entry, eliminate redundancies, and speed up your overall process.

    Lead Management

    Capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify leads that will convert, and follow up with detailed contact information.

    Deal Management

    Close more deals in less time. Track what stage your deals are currently in, and seize every opportunity at the optimal moment.

    Contact Management

    Get real-time insights about your customers, connect with them across channels, and build strong relationships.

    Workflow Automation

    Every time your team follows up with a lead or updates a field it requires significant manual work.


    The more your business grows, the more you need to know. Measure the performance of every sales activity, and break quotas down into achievable targets with CRM’s reports, analytics, and forecasts.

    Real-time reporting gives you insight into a variety of metrics such as sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports, and team performance.

    Analytical Components
    Create dashboards, analyze trends, stay on top of your key performance indicators, and know where you stand on your targets.

    Take a look at the different ways CRM analytics can help your business grow by helping you make data-backed decisions.

    Sales Enablement

    With the right set of tools, your team will never have to struggle. Generate price quotes, and access sales scripts. Permit your customers, vendors, and partners to view, add, or edit information through portals from within your CRM saving your team time and effort.

    Quotes and Finance
    Generate quotes, invoices, and orders with access to inventory, shipping, and subscription information within our CRM.

    Partner Portals
    Grow your business by giving partners access to create and nurture leads, manage inventory, and view their contacts.

    Access all your calendars from one system. Prioritize meetings with multiple reminders and convert them into recurring events by checking a box.

    G-Suite and Office 365
    Make the most of your work hubs without shuffling between them using the integration with our CRM.

    Performance Management

    Accelerate your sales team’s productivity with accurate forecasts of potential revenue, and make use of productivity games to exceed your sales quotas. You can categorize customers quickly, set up multiple currencies, use AI predictions to prioritize leads and deals likely to convert, and track website visitors to convert more prospects.

    Make more accurate forecasts. Predict future sales, and measure them against current sales.

    Territory Management
    Categorize customers based on relevant criteria and assign the right sales reps to reach out to them. Exceed quotas with region-wide sales insights.


    Every business is unique, and your CRM should reflect that. Combine various features to mold your CRM to fit your business—the information you collect, the way you view your information, and even the language and currency used can be customized to suit your needs.

    Create layouts for different processes, control what data enters your CRM, and close more sales in less time.

    Custom Components
    Customize the information you want to see inside CRM with custom modules, fields, and buttons.

    Views and Filters
    Focus in on information that matters to you, and easily find any information you need using custom views and advanced filters.

    Global Selling
    Provide multi-language and multi-currency support to your team so you can sell to customers around the world.

    Marketing Automation

    Get your marketing and sales teams on the same page. Generate new leads, execute targeted email marketing campaigns, and compare ad spending to sales revenue with the Google Ads integration.

    Customer Segmentation
    Segment your contacts and target them with personalized campaigns to improve engagement, retention, and ROI on marketing campaigns.

    Lead Nurturing
    Strengthen your relationship with your leads by nurturing them with relevant content at every stage of your funnel.

    Google Ads Integration
    Compare your Google Ad campaigns against sales to monitor your spending and determine which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

    Event Management
    Use CRM to communicate with event attendees, send invites to your contacts or leads, and connect with new leads that you’ve collected from the event.


    Your security is our top priority. We understand that every organization needs to strike the right balance between protecting their customers’ data and giving employees the freedom to get their work done. Our CRM succeeds in meeting both of these requirements.

    Roles, Profiles, and Teams
    Assign roles for users, define permissions, and control access to information in CRM.

    Data Security and Compliance
    With comprehensive data security features, protect both your data and your customers’ from unauthorized access.

    Collect, store, and process your customers’ personal data in accordance with GDPR.

    Ensure security and protection of ePHI using our HIPAA compliant features in Our CRM.

    ALl-iphone (1)

    Manage your business on the go with mobile CRM features

    Sell on the go with CRM Mobile

    CRM’s mobile app provides constant access to customer interactions, contact history, recent transactions, and up-to-date pricing information.

    Capture leads, wherever you are.

    CRM’s card scanner app allows your sales reps attending events to extract contact information from business cards into your CRM simply by taking a photo of it.

    The easiest and most powerful way to build, sell, and repeat

    How does your sales team keep up with all the leads, prospects, and customers? How do they know what to do at each stage in the pipeline? That’s why we’ve created Blueprint, a technology inside OMNI CRM that gently guides users through what actions should be taken at what time, and prompts them for the right information in the right sequence. Make your process repeatable for new hires, as well as longtime salespeople.

    Save more time with automation

    • Automate every aspect of your business and cut out time-intensive, repetitive tasks
    • Streamline your lead nurturing process and make the most of every incoming lead
    • Trigger instant actions, stay on top of activities, and follow up better with workflows

    Improve sales performance

    Combine your sales and marketing efforts to improve interactions between Sales professionals and Sales reps. Use features that complement your sales process, such as automatic scheduling of calls and meetings, place product request on the go, assign distributors based on location, a detailed product database that can be used to strategize sales pitches, and draw your product segment matrix.

    Streamline your sales cycle

    Your business depends on different departments to bring in customers and drive revenue. A marketing team drives leads into your CRM to qualify and nurture them, before passing them on to sales. Your sales team handles prospecting and converting those leads into paying customers. Finally, your support team addresses the long-term happiness and needs of your customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get started ?

    Few Steps only,

    1. Create your free account
    2. Read Our CRM Guidance
    3. Add Records
    4. Explore All modules
    5. Add Users
    6. Start Using CRM

    What are the benefits of using Our CRM?

    • Holistic view of customers and their data
    • Better contact and deal management
    • Automate sales follow-ups
    • Security of business and customer’s data
    • Greater coordination and efficiency within teams
    • Improve communication with customers
    • Broader spectrum for analyzing sales and
    • Marketing metrics

    Can I start using the CRM right away after the trial is over ?

    Our CRM offers a comprehensive suite of business management tools to help you with everything from managing customers, marketing and productivity to finance and HR.

    The system designed to be used right away, yet you can farther customize it as per your requirement.


    How the CRM help me with Marketing & Lead generation ?

    • Schedule Auto Marketing Campaign to Attract new Leads and add them to your CRM .
    • Webforms, Google integration, APIs, social integration (Twitter and Facebook)
    • Automatically add leads and contacts from social media.
    • Engagement over phone, emails, or social media. Identifying the best time to contact.
    • Workflows, Approval process, automation tools.
    • Negotiation Follow-ups through different touchpoints.

    Can Send Bulk SMS from CRM directly?

    Yes, you can send Bulk SMS, or schedule SMS to be sent based on triggers, you can send SMS for,

    • Reminders to clients when their service is due for repayment

    • Notifying your customers that their item is ready for collection

    • Letting your customers know their product is on its way

    • Invoice payment reminders

    • Appointment reminders to reduce no-shows

    • Broadcast discounts and special offers

    • Encouraging participation in surveys and competitions

    • Notifying your client database of the arrival of new or ordered stock

    • Follow ups for customer feedback

    • Prospect and lead scoring

    What about emails?

    • You can send either bulk emails or individual emails.
    • You Can track all incoming and outgoing emails, and check if the emails opened, sent, bounced..etc.
    • Also can use An Email parser feature that enables the user to fetch data from incoming emails. Basically, An Email Parser is designed to automate the process of adding records to CRM by extracting information from incoming emails.
    • You can schedule and send emails based on triggers.
    • Also you automatically send auto- replay or follow-up emails with attachments

    Can I Import , Export and Backup Data ?

    Absolutely. There are a bunch of common operations that you would be performing as an administrator. Out of which, a few important tasks are to maintain a clean database and discover strategies to assess and improve the quality of your data in CRM. Some of your day-to-day activities would include:

    • Import data from external sources to CRM
    • Export data from your CRM account
    • Backup your full database immediately
    • Schedule Daily, weekly, Monthly backups.
    • Download your backup to your cloud server, PC automatically.
    • Deduplicate your database
    • Use the right keywords to filter your data
    • Use page-level and record-level navigation to spot data
    • Perform mass operations to save time and effort
    • Organize events in CRM calendar

    Is the CRM Cloud or On-premise?

    Omni CRM is customized version of an universal crm, the CRM has more than 45 million users located in more than 180 countries around the world. 100% secured and uses cloud base platform on yearly or monthly subscription base.

    Its better to have Cloud or On-premise?

    The most obvious difference between cloud and on-premise solutions is where information and software is kept. While on-premise software deployment involves on-site servers, with the cloud your data and CRM software are stored on remote servers and more secure to keep your data, we are using AWS, and its accessed through an internet connection from anywhere.

    Why its better to have cloud CRM,

    • Hassle-free installation. A deep-rooted fear that CRM comes with complex installation process is no longer valid.
    • Seamless access.
    • Ease of use.
    • Affordable product.
    • High security levels.
    • Reliable operation.
    • Flexible potential & Free updates.
    • With onsite CRM, you need to pay for full IT & developers team.
    • Enhanced compatibility.

    Its a monthly or yearly Subscription ?

    Subscription is per user, monthly or yearly, you can upgrade or downgrade or cancel anytime.


    What's included within the CRM?

    Omni CRM lets you work with more than 10 standard modules for Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Inventory management. These predefined modules come with a set of default fields and layout. You can edit most aspects of a standard module to suit your requirements. or you can create your own module to serve your need.

    • Accounts
    • Activities
    • Analytics
    • Calls
    • Campaigns
    • Cases/ Tickets
    • Contacts
    • Deals
    • Documents
    • Events
    • Emails
    • Forecasts
    • Invoices
    • Leads
    • Payment Order
    • Price Books
    • Products
    • Projects
    • Purchase Order
    • Quotes
    • Reports
    • Sales Order
    • Social
    • Solutions
    • SMS
    • Tasks
    • Vendors

    There is a free trail to test the system?

    Absolutely, 14 Days to test all feature of the system

    Do you provide an accounting software, or any other software's ?

    Yes indeed, all our software’s are integrated with each others yet you can use them separately,

    • Telephony Software.
    • Call Center Telephony Software.
    • Online Payment.
    • SMS Software.
    • Accounting software.
    • Survey Software.
    • Expense & Budget Software.
    • Forms Software.
    • Analytics & Dashboards Software.
    • Subscriptions Software.
    • Inventory Software.
    • Sign Software.

    What Industries can use this system?

    • Automotive
    • Banking & Finance
    • Beauty & Hair
    • Call Centers
    • Competitions & Polls
    • eCommerce
    • Education
    • Emergency Services
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing
    • Real Estate
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Retail
    • Sport & Fitness
    • Telecommunications
    • Transport & Logistics
    • Travel & Hotels
    • Utilities

    To know more about each industry and the best practice, please write to us on to get more details

    Do you provides the Customer Support & Service management ?

    Yes, any support you required can call us or submit a request and our team will assist you within 24 hours.

    what's your customization & Implementation strategy?

    As mentioned earlier, Our CRM is ready to use right away, but we suggest the
    following best practices which you can follow to achieve a successful implementation:

    1. Planning
      Define your business goals and strategies and plan your implementation activities around them.
    2. Analyzing
      Confirm your requirements, analyze them, and understand their scope in the CRM environment.
    3. Designing
      Review your business process and compare it with the CRM system to align it
      with your business. Analyze the integrations that are needed and prep your data for the migration.
    4. Validating
      Assess the implementation in a test environment by giving your sales team access to the CRM account.
    5. Deploying
      Deploy the CRM. Continue to train your team members with documentations, training materials and other relevant resources. Document their pain points and identify the areas of improvement.

    What about Security & Compliance?

    Security component

    Security is a key component in our offerings, and is reflected in our people, process, and products. Very Important to indicates that Omni Pro Solution is vertical cloud base solution hosted in global Data Centers, which guarantees your 100% running time and 100% security and also guarantees running your solution with or without Omni Pro support.

    Your Admin Access

    Once you created your admin user you will become the owner of the entire system and have full access to customize, configure, setup, integration, create codes or functions, mange your users & data. And Omni Pro has no access your admin account/ or system unless access granted.

    Meeting HIPAA guidelines

    Our CRM helps its customers stay HIPAA compliant by having necessary safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of the protected health information. Our CRM is not directly involved in collecting the Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) from the data subjects.

    GDPR compliance

    Omni Pro CRM is fully equipped for GDPR compliance as a data processor. Across data collection, storage and processing, Omni Pro CRM offers many options designed to help businesses safeguard customer data and meet the security and privacy standards set in GDPR.

    Track user activity with audit logs

    Monitor your sales team’s activities with audit logs, so you can track who did what and when. For example, all actions done by your users with respect to record deletion and modifications will be audited so that you take proactive decisions.

    Regular data backups

    All your data is backed up in real time across multiple servers. In the event of hardware failure or natural disaster, your data stays secure.

    About our System?

    Omni Pro CRM Solution is vertical cloud base on universal platform hosted in global Data Centers to which guarantees your 100% running time and 100% security at all times.

    Is my account secure?

    Your Admin Access

    Your admin account is 100% secure, and no one else has access to your account and data. therefore we advise to not share your admin account with anyone.

    Manage user permissions with profiles

    Enable record-level sharing permission for your users, and allow them to share individual or bulk records. Provide the same or different sets of permissions with other members, based on their Role Hierarchy.

    Use profiles in CRM to restrict users from deleting or exporting customer records. Give each team member access only to the functions they need.

    With field-level security, secure sensitive and confidential information like customers’ bank account details from others. Choose which information appears for which users, and decide who’s allowed to edit it.

    Grant access with sharing rules

    Manage org-wide data sharing settings by extending access rights to a particular set of users belonging to other roles and groups. Choose the records you want to share, and control access to your records by giving read-only or read/write access.

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