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Pricing & Staffing

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One-time Outbound Calling

  1. Total Number of Leads

The user needs to enter the total number of leads (prospects) to be called in the selected time frame.

  1. Number of Attempts Required

The user needs to select the maximum number of times the calling agent should try reaching the lead.

  1. Deadline (Days)

The user needs to enter the total number of days in which he/she wants the agents to complete making outbound calls to all leads.

Ongoing Outbound Calling

  1. Manual / Predictive Dialing

As the name suggests, you need to choose the preferred calling method to be either manual or predictive.

  1. HeadCount Required

You need to enter the total number of agents working on your ongoing outbound call center project.


Pricing Disclaimer

Omni Pro competitive price structures are customized based on the terms of contract, call volumes, agent skill levels required and complexity of projects.

Terms & Scale Of contract

Calls volumes

Duration of the project

Agent skill level requirements

Technical Complexity of the project